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Hols in Salzburg would be amazing, you must be there

You can spend the Christmas and New Year’s hols in Salzburg and you certainly will not regret it.

Salzburg is a city in Austria and the center of the eponymous provinces. It is the fourth largest city in Austria, and is located on the border with Germany.


Nearby Salzburg are the salt mines, which were exploited to the 1989th, when they are closed. They are now one of the tourist attractions. Croatian (Slovene) name for the city is Solnograd because the German word ‘Salz’ means ‘salt’. The name of the city literally means ‘castle or fortress of salt’.

Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria after Vienna, Graz and Linz. It is known as the home of Baroque architecture, but also as a place where was born Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Due to its preservation, UNESCO’s 1997th The Salzburg old town included on the list of World Heritage.

Salzburg is located on the banks of the Salzach River and surrounded by alpine mountains, and was named after the nearby salt mines, so the literal translation of the name ‘city of salt’. Today it is a real tourist town, where visitors several times the number of local residents.


Salzburg is arguably the city of culture, and a whopping 4,000 events annually makes it one of Europe’s cultural capitals! Festival ‘Salzburger Festspiele’, to be held since the 1920s. year, the central event, when the city teeming with life, and it held a number of plays, concerts and operas.

Salzburg can best meet by walking. The old city is relatively small and hides a handful of galleries, boutiques, cafe and authentic restauranata, while they are mainly found in the most interesting streets and alleys near the main squares.
In Salzburg, with Mozart, born Josef Mohr. Probably at first not so well-known name, but is better known his co-authored work – Christmas carol ‘Silent Night’. Perfect for New Year hols.


Salzburg is, like Vienna, proud of the many cafes. Traditional, elegant and warm Salzburg cafes for centuries people delight in Salzburg, whether residents, any visitors.

Some of the most famous Cafe Fürst, ‘home’ Mozart balls, Cafe Tomaselli, that there is more than in 1852., And Cafe Bazar, located along the Salzach, and its history goes back to the 1909th Year.

As modern entertainment is concerned, there are numerous bars and several clubs.

Republic is a combination cafe, restaurant, bar and club, located near Getreidegasse. Segabar a trendy bar, a gathering place for the younger teams, located in the street Rudolfskai, which stretches along the river Salzach.

In Mozart’s city is dominated by churches, fortresses, castles and palaces, so it is not surprising that the core of the old town listed on UNESCO World Heritage List.


Above the town, which has around 150,000 inhabitants rises fortress Hohensalzburg, the largest fully-preserved fortress in central Europe. From there you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and there you can plan what you will go through the tour: Visit the archbishop’s residence, its lavish quarters of the early Baroque and gallery (European painting from the 16th to 19th centuries).

Salzburg Cathedral is the most important religious buildings in the city. There was baptized and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the genius loci of his hometown.


Take time to visit Mozart’s birth house. On 27 january in 1756. The genius composer that has come into the world. You will find the famous Getreidegasse where the tall, narrow houses, shops seductive and romantic courtyards care for the atmosphere. It also pays to look at the Mirabell palace with elaborate gardens, the work of the Baroque builder Lukas von Hildebrand.

[showads ad=Ad] At the foot of Mönchsberg is called Festspielbezirk with a small and a large hall for holding the festival (and Großes Kleines Festspielhaus, the architect Clemens Holzmeister, 1956-1960) and Felsenreitschule, built 1693rd The designs by Fischer von Erlach. Near the town will delight you with the famous castle Hellbrunn playful fountains.

Thanks to its rich cultural program with more than 4,000 events a year, on the river Salzach in Salzburg’s cultural capitals of the world category. Especially famous Salzburg game, the festival was founded 1920s. year, which with its concert, opera and theater performances greatly contributes to world culture.

Holidays in Mozart’s city will be a real pleasure. Travelling Europe necessarily proceed through Austria, and there you have to visit Salzburg. This beautiful city will make your hols an incredible experience.